Stroud Resourcing’s Quarterly Away Day last Friday was something special; for a while now we have been working on an internal recruitment campaign to attract graduates to come and work for us. We have so far taken on five people who will join us in the Summer – exciting times!

At Stroud Resourcing we love to make newcomers feel welcome and give them a taste of what it is like to work for Stroud, so we invited all the fresh faces along for the day. The day began with lunch in Kennedy’s bar in York - we all introduced ourselves, and after a couple of drinks and some food, we were ready for the activity.

 Kennedy 's          DG Town Crier (1)

The challenge was announced by Dave (in Town Crier mode!) – we had to split into three teams and follow clues around the local area to find out “whodunnit” in a murder mystery trail! The first team back to the bar with the correct answer would be the winners.

Not only was this an excellent team-building challenge and a good way of exercising our perception and observation skills, but it was also good physical exercise as we ran around the old snickets and cobbled streets of York, through Dean’s Park by the Minster, and all around the scenic areas of the city trying to pick up clues. By process of elimination, we were able to narrow the list down to the final suspect and the final weapon…as I was on Joanna’s team I thought we would have been the winners, how wrong I was! Our team were the last ones back to Kennedy’s – the first being Dave & Sam’s team, followed by Guy & Josh’s team. Not only that, but we had the wrong answer for the challenge! Oh dear…

 Ask 1     Jo Hat

After a few drinks in Kennedy’s, we all returned home to change, then met up again at Ask restaurant in the evening for a presentation and meal. Joanna then hosted another team-building activity – Getting to Know You. Each of us had submitted a story to Jo the previous week – a story about ourselves, something unusual, embarrassing or funny. Once all the stories had been read out, we had to guess which story happened to which person – a great and hilarious way of bonding with new team members.

Afterwards, we made our way to Pitcher & Piano for cocktails and shots – a great way to end the night…there may have been a few sore heads the next morning!