The last 12 months has been a very exciting time for Stroud Resourcing and we have managed a lot of change and growth.

We’re excited to announce our association with the very talented ph-creative design team and look forward to going live with a brand new website later in the year.

Recruiting top candidates is a complex process that has changed over time.  The basic principles remain the same, but the way in which we find candidates and encourage them to contact us has completely changed in this era of social networking.

Our skills in utilising LinkedIn are very strong and we will continue to use this medium while continually upgrading our technical knowledge and moving forward.  We will soon be making far more use of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with a view to enhancing our presence and attracting an even more diverse set of professionals.

In particular, we’re looking forward to developing our brand through engaging with online communities.  With online communities we can learn a lot about what top candidates are looking for in a role and career.

Recruitment is not simply about skills, knowledge and experience.  There is much more to an individual than their CV, and similarly, there is much more to a company than their annual report.  Matching candidates to roles, and companies to individuals is a complex task and highly rewarding for all parties, and we’re proud to display our success with this forthcoming re-branding of Stroud Resourcing.