Patient handling, Aviation and Smart Wheelchairs!

Patient handling and mobility equipment are areas we always feel very lucky to recruit within. These products are truly life changing for patients, healthcare professionals and less physically able people alike. 

At Stroud Resourcing medical technology isn't just a job for us, its something we care passionately about. These are the top things that have been exciting us this week!


Patient Handling in Aviation

Patient handling procedures in hospital and care environments make excellent use of the latest patient handling and mobility equipment.

Outside of this environment however best practice is often ignored and the dignity and safety of less physically able individuals is often overlooked. Therefore it was great to see a real drive towards training staff on the appropriate way to use specialist lifting equipment to transfer disabled and injured people safely on to and off of planes.



Smart Wheelchair knows when it needs repairs!

An exciting wheelchair prototype could monitor itself for necessary repairs and remotely notify the relevant people. The networked device can also monitor a patients health and send emergency alerts to health professionals.




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