Hiring Managers can learn best practice from Agency Recruiters!

Matthew Moxon, July 2015

I have read various articles and blogs recently, which highlighted the lack of skillsets hiring managers have when it comes to the recruitment process and how best to attract the most appropriate candidate. This raised a very interesting point that if a company’s best assets are its people, then why is there a lack of training/advice available to managers on how to make the right hires?

I have spoken to many hiring managers who have been thrown in at the deep end with little exposure to the recruitment process and as such have adopted a scatter gun approach which ultimately takes more time and yields extremely discouraging results.

My advice would be to utilise/leverage your relationships with agency recruiters, in order to ask the right questions, have the ability to look past the CV and to ultimately make the most important decisions you might make as a hiring manager. We do this every day for a living and contrary to some opinions, we are not all absent between the ears and have a cowboy mentality!

One of the reasons I recently joined Stroud Resourcing is that we are set up first and foremost as a consultative led company. We are seen as a strategic function to our clients and as such, are able to offer advice and support hiring managers in making the recruitment process more efficient and with a lot more speed.

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