If you have advertised the position and received a poor response you must respond quickly to review the existing recruitment campaign or devise a new one.

The level of UK unemployment has been falling as wage growth rises. There are more opportunities for healthcare professionals but employers are finding it hard to fill qualified posts. For roles that are difficult to fill, it is crucial that the employer actively pursues these candidates, you cannot expect nurses to magically appear on your ward.  So what do you do when you can’t find good nurses?


  • Review the job description and advert: Are you being realistic about the essential and desirable skills and qualifications required? If this person does not exist you need to offer more flexibility. Can you train this person with any skill gaps? Re-write your advert to reflect any changes you have.
  • Understand the job market and the role worth: Is the salary competitive? Review industry job boards to identify like for like roles, what is the market paying?
  • Know your competition: Know your competitors facilities, services and employee benefits. You may offer free car parking and they don’t. What is your unique selling point, what is theirs?  What makes them an attractive employer? How can you counteract this?
  • Create a succession plan: Develop your current employees, give them the opportunity to progress. What skills do your existing teams have, where are your skill gaps? Are their courses that could support this training? Internal employees are already investing in your company, you know they are culturally right. 

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