We are now into our second year of our contract with the Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS) and we are very proud to represent KIMS as their careers team and the results that we continue to deliver.

KIMS Overview

KIMS opened its doors in April 2014. It is the first and only hospital in Kent providing high quality, acute care and complex procedures in areas such as cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, complex orthopaedics and surgical oncology. Stroud Consulting recruited three senior roles and were appointed as the sole Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider for all permanent and BANK clinical and non-clinical roles

The Challenge

In November 2013 we were challenged to attract, select and recruit 600+ permanent clinical and non-clinical professionals over two years, ensuring that the hospital secured a complex skill mix ready for its opening in April 2014. The contract also includes recruiting a temporary workforce of BANK clinical and non-clinical professionals.  

Due to this hospital being the first of its kind in Kent, there was a lack of local skills particularly with qualified nurses, so candidates needed to be approached from further afield. The tight timescale also proved an issue as many clinical professionals have a three month notice period.

As a brand new hospital, KIMS required a bespoke recruitment solution that utilised pro-active recruitment strategies such as head hunting. The design of the recruitment process needed to be robust and support strategic business goals.

The Solution

We developed a bespoke recruitment solution that goes beyond just filling vacancies. We designed and developed a series of actions that deliver effective process management and adopted a number of recruitment initiatives that focus on raising brand awareness.

The solution provided includes hosting KIMS careers page, developing and building an in-house database that KIMS own, and acting as an employee of KIMS Hospital careers. Externally and internally Stroud Consulting is referred to as ‘KIMS Hospital Careers’. The focus is very much on the candidate experience, ensuring that not only are positions filled on time, but aligned to the manpower plan, prospective candidates are engaged with before a vacancy becomes live.

The Result

Wider clinical and non-clinical staff were successfully recruited, as well as key stakeholders including: CEO, Director of Clinical Services, Finance Director, Pharmacy Manager, Cardiology Lead, Head of Sterile Services Imaging Manager and other Imaging Clinical Leads.  Over 10,000 applications were handled in year one with 200+ offers made, filling 6089 hours. On the whole we delivered savings to the client of over £700k in Year 1. 82% of offers were accepted and the current interview to offer ratio is 68% (industry standard 33%). We engaged with 637 BANK applicants, interviewed 240 applicants, submitting 227 CV’s in year one resulting in an active BANK team of 99.

"We chose Stroud to become our outsourced recruitment provider and partner with us in opening and operating a new 100 bed complex care hospital in Kent. We had confidence in the Directors to provide the personal and professional service required to achieve our aims, in recruiting high quality staff in every discipline that were a best fit to our values as a new organisation. This was a huge challenge for any company and Joanna and Guy excelled in building an innovative quality recruitment process which provided the best experience for the recruit and the organisation. The 2 organisations have grown together and the process has continued to improve as we built on our experiences.Stroud known as the ‘KIMS recruitment Team’ have also provided expert training to our hiring managers and our outcomes are great – we have the right team in the right place, which is a great start to building a large organisation.The whole Stroud team have been friendly, approachable and also professional delivering senior individual head hunting services through to recruitment of high volumes of staff from Clinical experts, finance and IT professionals to guest services and business managers."

Jayne Cassidy, Chief Executive, The Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery