We all want to acquire the best available talent, and perhaps believe that we are using the most effective techniques to do so. But are we? People are becoming savvier at targeting candidates via LinkedIn, social media and job boards, however, statistics show that only 36 percent of job seekers are active on sites such as LinkedIn. This means that you could be missing out on nearly two thirds of candidates actively seeking new roles, which is a vast candidate pool to not be exploring. This being said, who says the perfect candidate for you is actively looking at the moment?  Could you be ignoring one of the most effective recruiting methods of all?

Head hunting acquires the top talent - those candidates who are already in positions for brands you admire and who you feel will add value to your organisation. As an employer, you may have a brilliant recruitment advertising strategy but you are still relying on candidates having no preconceptions or reservations seeing the role and then applying. Head hunters can overcome any concerns on your behalf via a direct approach.

A head hunter has a fine-tuned knowledge of ‘top talent’, which has been developed through extensive networking and exposure to speaking with candidates directly, rather than through database contact. We have years of experience assessing and speaking with the most influential healthcare professionals across a vast multitude of employers. Employers only have sight of their own ‘top talent’. A head hunter can show you the industry’s ‘top talent’.

Head hunting is the missing link between the best available talent 'on the market' and the even better talent ‘off the market'.

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