In an age where appearance seems more important than ever for both men and women, the solution to achieving that younger look we so desire and nipping and tucking those imperfections that we so hate, is now readily available to us. Cosmetic Surgery is increasingly popular in today's world. Up until 2014, the industry was revelling in a decade of consecutive year-on-year growth, the recent decline is expected to be a mere glitch, with predictions of further continued growth over the next few years. 


An article published by the 'British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons' (BAAPS) entitled 'Tweak not Tuck' describes the current trends in the cosmetic industry and how this has affected different procedures in different ways. It also raises the point that the recent decline in the industry is due to a 'post-austerity boom'. Essentially, customers are less willing to pay large sums of money for the procedures, which is evident as the industry declined more in value terms as it did in volume (7.9% and 3.6%, respectively). Because of this, it appears that the most popular procedures at the moment are those of a more understated nature. Whereas, the more obvious, noticeable procedures have not necessarily been less sought after, but certainly less prevalent.

This being said, there is no view of the more 'conspicuous' procedures suffering continued decline, with breast augmentation still leading the field in terms of the most popular procedure, despite a 23% decline over the last year, but those smaller, more subtle changes are slowly catching up. An article published by 'Medical Devices Today' shows the top 12 plastic surgery trends of 2015.

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